I started this business so that I could utilise my skills, experience and qualifications in a more flexible working manner.  After years of commuting and working at various London-based offices, the trend towards satellite working and remote working were becoming more apparent.  The benefits were starting to outweigh any doubt around productivity levels and with more modern technology, working from home or anywhere with internet access was not only possible but more cost-effective.

I have years of experience in administration and office management, my previous role as Business Support Manager for a popular housing association meant that I worked alongside Directors and Senior Managers to achieve our targets. Not only do I have a wealth of experience, I also have a Bachelors in Management, majoring in Human Resource and Psychology as well as a Masters in Business Administration.  On top of my experience and qualifications, I have developed the intrapersonal skills to work alongside anyone to deliver a wide range of projects, regardless of how big or small.